Competition Design Brief

Design Requirements

Quantity, Capacity & Dimensions

  1. Four (4) benches along the length of each platform away from the main passenger circulation areas
  2. Each bench to accommodate three (3) persons
  3. Length of each bench to not exceed 2m

Configuration and Design

  1. Appropriate to the station theme, identity and colours
  2. Ergonomic, inclusive and user-friendly
  3. Benches shall take public safety into consideration
  4. 4. Vandalism prevention methods shall be holistically integrated with the design
  5. Benches to be fixed to platform floor
  6. Benches shall be designed to discourage people from lying down.
  7. Flexible seating arrangement on the bench (Single-facing, back-to-back and
  8. multi-directional are acceptable)

Material Selection

  1. Materials shall meet underground fire standards and shall be non-combustible, low heat emission material and have a class 0 surface spread of flame.
  2. Ease of maintenance
  3. Vandal resistant
  4. Sustainable where possible

Design Submission

Entries for each station should comprise of the following:

One (1) A1-sized image board containing

  1. 3D views
  2. Design Statement Summary
  3. Plan, elevations, and sections (1:10 scale) with material specifications
  4. Any additional drawing of special features and/or blow-up details

One (1) A3-sized hard copy report in landscape orientation containing:

  1. Page 1: One 3D overall view
  2. Page 2: Design Statement – written description of the bench design proposal demonstrating how it complements with the station architectural design concept, identity theme and colour; artistic approach and aesthetic appeal
  3. Page 3: 3D views
  4. Page 4: Plans, top views and elevations from all four sides with dimensions
  5. Page 5: Additional Drawings (to scale) with description of special features and/or blow-up details
  6. Page 6: Technical details – materials, finishing, ergonomics, construction technique, colours, etc.

Two (2) copies of CD containing :

  1. High-resolution image files of all 3D views included in the submission
  2. PDF file of A1 board.
  3. PDF file of A3 report.

Judging Criteria

  1. Concept and Design innovation (30%):
    Cohesiveness to station theme, creativity, originality, material application, technology and sustainability
  2. Design Functionality (25%):
    Ease of maintenance, inclusivity, safety, material, economics and ergonomics
  3. Technical compliance (25%):
    Compliance with specified seating capacity, dimensional limits and strict underground fire standards
  4. Vandalism prevention ideas (10%):
    Holistic integration with design
  5. Cost effectiveness (10%):
    Overall consideration of the material, fabrication and maintenance cost.

Judging Process

  1. Stage 1: Shortlisting of submissions for finalists

    Selection of top three (3) finalists per station by the panel of judges

  2. Stage 2: Scaled Model Submission of scaled model by the top three (3) finalists per station for public viewing and online public voting

    In the event that any of the finalists decides to withdraw from the competition, the Organiser reserves the right to either reward the chance to the next available Participant, or to withdraw the vacant place altogether.

  3. Stage 3: Online public voting

    Entries from all 21 finalists will be uploaded to MGKT website and social media platform for online public voting.

    Online public voting and public viewing will take place in the month of December.

  4. Stage 4: Selection of winners

    Selection of winners based on evaluation by the panel of judges against the judging criteria and online public voting scores.

Eligibility to Participate

  1. Competition is open to students pursuing tertiary studies in any Malaysia Ministry of Education approved higher educational institution.
  2. Participation can be in the form of:
    • Individual participation: As this competition is to promote the growth of local talents, individual participation is open to Malaysian citizens only.
    • Group participation: At least one member of the team shall be a Malaysian citizen.
  3. Students pursuing any Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (LAN) / Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) approved qualifications in Architecture, Product Design, Industrial Design or Interior Design are eligible for participation, and shall be referred as the Participant in the context of this document.
  4. Students participate and represent their educational institutions either as individuals or in groups. Submission will be done through the educational institution.
  5. Members or family members of the organizing body, panel of judges and employee of the associated companies are not eligible to participate.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The term "Organiser" refers to MMC-Gamuda KVMRT (T) Sdn. Bhd.
  2. The term "Competition" refers to the Art Express Bench Design Competition.
  3. The term "Participant(s)" refers to authors/originators of the design proposals submitted to the Organiser.
  4. Any entry that is unfinished, illegible, damaged or that contains false information is invalid.
  5. Designs ideas must be original and has not been commercialised, displayed or shown to any manufacturer
  6. All entries are non-returnable and the Organiser shall be permitted to reproduce, exhibit, publish or otherwise reuse the submission at any time without notification or payment to the Participant.
  7. Any entries which have been submitted for any other competition are not qualified to participate in this Artwork Competition. The organiser has the right to reject and revoke any entries and prizes, if they are found to have submitted their entries in any previous competition.
  8. Proof of postage is not proof of receipt. No correspondence will be entertained for any damages or loss
  9. Selected designs will be kept for promotion and documentation purposes.
  10. All decisions, made by the Panel of Judges are final and no further enquiries will be entertained.
  11. The Organiser revers the right to either reward the opening to the next available Participant, or to withdraw the vacant place altogether in the event that any of the top 21 finalists decides to withdraw from the competition.
  12. The Organiser reserves the right to change, cancel, terminate and/or suspend this Artwork Competition, without the need to provide any prior notice.
  13. The organiser reserves the right to alter the judging process and criteria as deemed fit, without the need to provide any prior notice
  14. Participation in this Artwork Competition and acceptance of the prizes constitutes an irrevocable permission for the Organiser to use the winners' names and photographs for purpose of publicity and advertisement without any compensation or need for prior notification to the winners.
  15. By participating in this Artwork Competition, the Participant agree to be bound by all sections and clauses stated in this competition brief. The organiser reserves the rights at the absolute discretion to modify, amend, add or delete any of the Rules and Regulations at any point of time without any prior notice and the Participants shall be bound by such changes.
  16. The Organiser is not obligated to give any reasons on any matter in the Artwork Competition.

Copyright & Ownership

  1. The Organiser reserves the right to develop any design, not necessarily the winning entry, to practical completion.
  2. Where practicality issues arise, the Organiser reserves the right to apply the necessary modifications to the winning or selected bench designs during the process of conceptualisation with the fabricator.
  3. The Organiser and MRT Corporation shall have the exclusive right to issue all public announcements regarding the competition.
  4. In agreeing to submit a design, the Participant accepts that any intellectual property rights arising out of the design used for the benches shall vest in and become the absolute property of the Organiser and the Participant warrants that the design shall be free and clear of all liens, claims and incumbencies.
  5. The successful participant shall indemnify the Organiser from and against all claims, proceedings, damages, costs and expenses which may be brought or made against the Organiser as a result of any infringement of intellectual property rights.
  6. The ownership of the final fabricated bench, along with its accompanying documents and drawings, will be handed over to MRT Corp. upon the substantial completion of the construction.

Download Full Design Brief

Download the full competition design brief, and Participant's Particulars Form which is to be submitted together with the design, by 15th September 2015

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